Kona Engineering
Electronic Engineering / Technical Consulting / Contracting
Sample Projects with Photos:

Kona Engineering is dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality products and service. We believe in deliberate methodical approach, 100% testing and getting it right the first time without rework. We take care of the devil in the details. Our capabilities include:

Project management

Electronic circuit design; Analog/RF/Digital

Electrical circuit design

Prototyping; including wire wrapping


PLC programming

Industrial instrumentation installation/debug

Instrument tubing installation

Basic mechanical design

Motor controls

Closed loop controls

Gas Turbines

Microsoft Windows based computer hardware/software/networking maintenance and repair

Connections in California that do PCB layout, assembly and small volume product production

We have included a sampling of projects that we have photography for. Please visit our "Sample Projects with Photos" to get a better idea of our capabilities and what we can do for your company.

Frank Holden, Owner

Mobile Clean Room Robot Design

RF Generator Test Fixture

Inertial Gyro Linear Drive

Mobile Robot

RF Test Fixture

E-cell Power Controller

Hard Hat LED Light

Underwater Hydrophone

Inertial Gyro Linear Drive

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