Kona Engineering
Electronic Engineering / Technical Consulting / Contracting
Client List

Hamakua Energy Partners, Honokaa, Hawaii 96727

Industry - Electrical Utility, Power Generation Plant, Island Grid

Scope of services provided:

Bench tested and troubleshot 2 control boards that improves the performance and reliability of Electro Deionization E-Cell banks. Circuits and control boards were designed by me. In service test of the 2 control bds. Trained 1 employee that have a prior background in electronics in the Theory of Operation and Functions of the controller. Provided bench test cable.

Client's Name withheld due to confidentiality agreement

Industry - High Tech Startup, Research and Development

Scope of services provided:

Designed and constructed an electronic control module to the component level that interfaces Labtech control software running on a PC to high powered lasers and laser power supplies. Design circuits included analog/digital, watch dog timers, safety circuits, manual override, signal level shifting and human interface.

Na Leo 'O Hawai'i, Inc., Kailua Kona, Hawaii 96740

Industry - Non-Profit Public Cable Television Programming and Transmission

Scope of services provided:

Corrected a variety of video signal processing problems including signal levels, ground loops and power supplies.

Media Concepts, Kailua Kona Hawaii 96739

Industry - Multiple Media Promotion

Scope of services provided:

Creation of web page and the hosting of the page on the internet site for the Iron Man event. Did Lab View programming to gather weather station information to display on the site, weather station equipment electronic debugging and the installing of the interface wiring.

Honolulu Bulk Vending, Kailua, Hawaii 96734

Industry - Entertainment video games at retail locations

Scope of services provided:

Repaired video games and child rides on the Big Island of Hawaii. Responsible for firmware upgrades, diagnoses of video/circuit problems and repair. Correction of motor and mechanical problems on child rides.

Seagate Technology Inc., Scotts Valley, California

Industry - Manufactures hard drives for the PC industry

Scope of services provided:

Designed and tested closed loop control electronics that regulate the speed of disk rotation and provide position information to the drive data read system. Consulted on issues related to signal / noise levels during reading of data off the disks.

Novellus Systems Inc., San Jose, California

Industry - Designs, manufactures, markets and services chemical vapor deposition equipment, used in fabricating wafers for integrated circuits.

Scope of services provided:

Design and fabricate a test fixture to test Radio Frequency generators in the 5 to 10 kilowatt range. Project consisted of water cooled loads that absorb RF generated energy, three phase high voltage power supply interfacing, analog/digital logic circuit design/fabrication, PLC programming to facilitate automated testing of the generators, safety lockouts, safety shutdowns, mechanical design of packaging, assembly and functional testing.

ACS Communications Scotts Valley, California

Industry - Wired and wireless telephone headsets and equipment

Scope of services provided:

Did research and provided technical reports on industry trends, new technological opportunities and competitor products

Palatine Communications, Palatine, Illinois

Industry - Sales and servicing of private two way radio systems and commercial radio reception equipment.

Scope of services provided:

Calibrated radio transmission equipment to FCC standards and the repair of client two way radio equipment to the component level. This included police and emergancy dispatch consoles, radio repeater tower electronics calibration and repair.

Midwest Business Security Systems, Chicago, Illinois

Industry - Video surveillance and security systems

Scope of services provided:

Designed to the component level and the fabrication of video amplifiers, sequencers and motor controllers for cameras. Fabricated completed products including circuit boards, casings and human/machine interface.